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McAnaney & Associates was formed in 1991 for one purpose - to provide specialized and innovative legal counseling services dedicated to helping clients plan and achieve their most valued goals. With a commitment to meaningful client relationships, the firm's attorneys are highly regarded professionals who hold advanced degrees in taxation law or are Certified Public Accountants. Each attorney uses his or her experience and education to apply principles of law tempered with common sense and practical business judgment to accomplish each client's unique vision.

As a legal team, we treat every client as we wish to be treated and are committed to providing extraordinary service and quality in an atmosphere of genuine care and understanding. Attorneys strive to evaluate the special needs of every client and seek the most cost-effective solution. The firm's standard pledge is to work with other professionals in cohesive partnerships to address each unique requirement. Working through referrals and long-term relationships allows us to appreciate, define, and, where required, refine client goals and perspectives to help prepare them for future change.

We seek to earn the respect of our clients, the judiciary, our colleagues, and the community. With deep conviction, we accept the obligation to be good civic partners, willing leaders, and advocates for an exceptional community.

David P. McAnaney

David P. McAnaney
J.D., LL.M., CPA

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